In oriental medicine, problems with the prostate come from an excessive sexual life, irregular eating habits, over-drinking and eating, and excessive masturbation. In these listed cases, the liver functions are weakened thereby producing heat-dampness and a decrease in kidney function.

Many prostate problems stem from excessive stress, natural physical weakness, and insufficient immune systems. External causes such as excessive bicycle riding or horse-back riding also lead to prostate problems. But the most common causes of prostate problems are attributed to a weakened liver, kidney and urinary functions.

Lower-level heat dampness often concentrates in the urinary bladder thus weakening the Kidney’s Qi. This occurs because circulation is weakened/delayed causing the liver meridian and urinary bladder to store heat. Once the Kidney’s Qi and blood circulation return to normal, the prostate will be treated.

If you have experienced such prostate problems or are currently being examined and treated by another doctor (after having Prostate-Specific Antigen tests, Digital Rectal Exams, Urine Test’s or Cystoscopies), we can also help treat you. And of course, if you are not satisfied with other treatments, you can try our methods and see immediate results!


• Heat-dampness acts like a poison, especially at the acute stage when heat stays in low levels.
• Heavy eating, drinking and excessive sexual activity can cause liver and gall heat-dampness.
• Emotional stress and coldness in the liver meridian.
• Kidney weakness from prior medical conditions or history and excessive sexual intercourse.


• Herbs: Different herbs are prescribed according to the cause, but most herbs will dramatically improve and speed up the healing process.
• Acupuncture: Acupuncture has a direct effect on the bladder, prostate and reproductive systems. To treat the causes above, there are specific points to target, tonify and resolve.
• Ear Acupuncture: Acupuncture is used on the ear to continuously stimulate the area since the ear is the reaction point of the thalamus and pituitary glands.

Treatment Period

Most cases require treatment from 1 to 3 months. However, for prostate issues, longer treatment may be required according to the length and duration of the patient’s symptoms. Generally though, most prostate patients feel a significant improvement within one month of treatment.

Case Histories

• The Story of E.H.
E.H. was a 68 years old prostate patient who was extremely thin. He initially had unsuccessful treatments from both his primary care physician and his urologist. When he consulted with us, he complained that he never felt completely relieved upon urinating, despite his frequent trips to the restroom. His sleeping pattern became so erratic due to his constant bathroom breaks that he could no longer stand the discomfort.

His first treatment consisted solely of acupuncture, which had little effect. However, his second treatment of acupuncture was coupled with herbs specifically prescribed for him. Within one week of his second treatment, he noticed a drastic improvement to the point where he could sleep through the night without one interruption.

E.H. still frequents us for other, non-prostate related ailments.

• The Story of D.J.
D.J. was a 57 year old, 260 pound man. He had been suffering from prostate issues for many years and despite his frequent doctor’s visits, his condition had not improved. On his first visit, D.J. complained about the weakness of his urine stream and the fact that he had to try really hard to urinate despite the constant urge to. His constant urge required him to make hourly trips to the bathroom all day long and into the night, and he was very nervous of going anywhere without a restroom.

After his first acupuncture treatment, he was shocked that the procedure was completely painless. One additional treatment along with herbs prescribed specifically for him, D.J. reported that he was urinating painlessly and less frequently.


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