Jesus, 54
When I first came to see Dr. Rho, my left eye and mouth had shifted to the right side of my face. It was very difficult to chew or talk and I could not close my left eye. After three treatments from Dr.Rho, my face returned to normal and I am now able to close my left eye.

Janice, 48
Because I suffered from heavy bleeding ad severe pain from fibroids, I sought the opinion of a Gynecologist for a course of treatment, with the first two recommending that I have a hysterectomy. The third Gynecologist I saw suggested that I try Acupuncture treatments. Despite being a needle phobic, I was determined to give it a try, and since being treated by Dr. Rho, my bleeding and pain have totally disappeared. Furthermore, Dr. Rho is currently treating me for my menopause as well. I highly recommend acupuncture treatments from Dr. Rho as he has a very high success rate, and he is a very reassuring and comforting doctor.

Kristine, 22
I am a singer who suffered from Sinusitis, which caused my voice to change making it very difficult to breathe and almost impossible to sing. After several treatments from Dr. Rho, I am breathing normally and can continue my singing career without any problems.

Ed, 61
I was being treated for my lower back and leg pain by a chiropractor. Unfortunately, I felt no improvement despite much physical treatment and large doses of Motrin. As a result, I decided to give acupuncture a try and after only tree treatments from Dr. Rho, I am now pain free.

Henry, 63
I am a 63 year old man who suffered from pain during urination, blood in the urine, and frequent urination. My problem did not improve despite my visits to a specialist. However, after two weeks of starting acupuncture and herbal treatments with Dr. Rho, my symptoms improved drastically. I am very satisfied with the results I received from Dr. Rho’s treatments, as I no longer suffer from any of my previous ailments.

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